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Global Finance Discussion Questions 1

Directions: Answer Each QuestionBelow. Each Answer should be at Least Two Original (2) Paragraphs. You can use business examples/data to support your answers.

Discussion Questions

1.  Whatrisk does a firm take in putting strategic goals ahead of cultural distance?

2.  Explainthe differences between tacit and explicit collusion.

3.  Aremergers or acquisitions more common? Why?

4.  Whatis your interpretation of the phrase “Think global, act local”?

5.  Insupply chain management, what are the differences between agility andadaptability?

6.  Describesome of the problems experienced by repatriates and how training anddevelopment may alleviate those problems.

7.  Howwould you characterize a corporation with diffused ownership?

8.  Howdo you define global sustainability?

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