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Hcs 475 Week 5 Leadership And Decision Making Presentation

Your facilitator assigns each Learning Team a case study scenario from the University of Phoenix Material: Week Five Learning Team Case Studies. You are a new management team appointed to finding a solution to your given scenario.

Case Scenario 1

The Director Team at St. Francis Nursing Home has been asked to create and implement a program to retain nurses. Nursing staff collectively felt that their administration did not fully understand a nurse’s job duties and did not provide a way for the nurses to share their concerns about the work environment. Morale is low, and nurses have been resigning at a rapid pace. They are currently at a turnover rate of 22%. 

Use the steps of the decision-making process regarding your assigned scenario.

Create a 4-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that addresses the following:

  • Identify the purpose.
    • What are the challenges for management?
  • Set the criteria.
    • As a management team, what goals do you want to achieve?
  • Weight the criteria.
    • Rank your goals in order of importance to management.
  • Seek alternatives.
    • What alternative tools might management use to motivate staff? How would a leader use these tools to motivate staff? Will the leaders and managers motivate staff differently?
    • What tips do you have for the management team to empower staff?
  • Test alternatives.
    • How can positive modeling be used in this scenario? What alternatives do you have for modeling?
    • How can management incorporate mentorship into daily responsibilities?
  • Troubleshoot.
    • How will you address resistance from staff? What issues might impede the achievement of goals?
  • Evaluate the action.
    • How will you measure your goals to ensure success?
    • What are the ethical considerations in leadership and management?
    • What other management decisions must be considered in your scenario to improve employee morale? How will the success of these be measured?

Cite a minimum of five references.

Format your references consistent with APA guidelines.

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