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Healthcare Human Resource Management 3

Part 1

· Develop a brief plan to recruit for 20 nursing positions foryour organization, using both internal and external recruiting sources. Justifythe different resources you will use for this plan. Provide specific examplesto support your rationale.

· Analyze two ethical and legal considerations in usingstandardized interviews or employment tests that assess aptitude, attitude,honesty, and personality during the selection process. Provide specificexamples to support your rationale.

Part 2

· Compile two examples of the worst interviews you ever had. Determinekey factors that made these interviews stand out negatively compared to otherinterviews you have had. Next, recommend three best practices for interviewersto avoid interviewing mistakes.

· A health care organization wants to hire 100 medicaltechnicians, and of the 250 applicants that apply, 125 are male and 125 arefemale—all equally qualified. The organization hires 80 of the male applicantsand 20 of the female applicants. Using Table 4.8, analyze whether or notdisparate treatment exists in this hypothetical organization. Provide examplesto support your rationale.

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