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Healthcare Policy Amp Law 10

Healthcare policy & law Assignment 2 (2).docx 

Instructor Feedback

 thank you for your work and I really appreciate it.  However please your paper is not within APA 6th Ed standards and does not demonstrate academic honesty throughout as you have not included citations to give credit for all of your work.  You should have a reference in almost every paragraph as your paper should be based on referenced/sources material. Additionally I need you to ensure your paper is based on the attached template… citations in the correct format, subheadings, references page in correct format etc. Please see the attached paper and redo your paper based on this template.  Do not do the abstract page as it not required.  However everything else needs to be completed in this format. I need to ensure you know how to complete your paper correctly prior to the week 6 writing assignment.  Once completed please resubmit for grading.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Than

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