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In algae and plants, photosynthesishappens in the





What component of Earth’s atmosphereexists entirely as a result of photosynthesis?


Water vapor

Nitrogen gas

Carbon dioxide gas

How are the products represented inthe chemical equation for photosynthesis?

O2 + 6CO2

C6H12O6 +6H2O

6CO2 + 6H2O

C6H12O6 + 6O2

Which statement summarizes the mainpurpose of photosynthesis?

It converts gases to solids in theform of sugar.

It converts carbon to oxygen.

It converts light energy to chemical energy.

It converts energy to mass.

Which of these statements is trueabout autotrophs, but not heterotrophs?

They use sugar and oxygen to makecarbon dioxide and water.

They use chlorophyll and oxygen tomake carbon dioxide and water.

They use sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to make sugars.

They use sunlight, water, and oxygento make chlorophyll.

Sheela wants to make a computermodel of a land ecosystem. Part of her model simulates the chemical processesof photosynthesis that involve the creation of sugars. Which chemical processesare these?

Thelight-dependent reactions

The light-independent reactions

The dark reactions

The reactions in the mitochondria

James wants to create aself-sustaining ecosystem, or vivarium. Which method would most likely resultin an ecosystem that is viable for the longest amount of time with noadditional care?

Put a few plants, water, sand, and aheat lamp inside a clear glass aquarium and seal the top. Place it in a sunnylocation.

Put water, fertilizer, soil, plantsand insects in an open, clear glass aquarium. Place it in an area that has somesunlight and some shade.

Put rocks, water, and many plants in an open, dark-coloredplastic tub. Place it in an area with direct sunlight.

Put soil, water, many plants, and afew insects in a sealed, clear plastic aquarium. Place it in an area withindirect sunlight

Which component of the earth’satmosphere is decreased due to photosynthesis?



Hydrogen peroxide

Carbon dioxide

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