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Why should you wash your hands before you eat dinner?

Many people who have contracted a disease called chicken pox were told by their doctors that they would never have this disease again. Why?

Why is it important to have all your childhood vaccinations even though the possibility of getting one of those diseases is not great?

What are antigens?

How does your respiratory system help fight disease?

You have probably never had a disease called measles, although your parents probably have. You received several vaccinations against measles to protect you from getting the disease. What was in those injections? What is this kind of immunity called?

Name two natural defenses your body has against disease.

Your little cousin loves ice cream bars. You buy him one and he starts to lick it. As you sit down on a park bench, he drops the bar on the seat of the bench. You pick up the bar to throw it away, but he starts to cry, so you shrug and give it back to him. Will he definitely get sick?

How is a newborn baby protected from diseases for the first few months of his or her life?

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