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Help Me 9 01 6 Lines 4th Grade Help


The ability to persuade others is an important skill for many businesses and individuals.How do people try to persuade you every day?Answer

In this discussion, you will be thinking about some of the ways you encounter persuasion in your daily life and how it affects your decisions.

Let’s take a look at one of your classmate’s posts.

When I start thinking about encountering persuasion in my daily life, I’m really surprised how often people try to persuade me to do things.One of the most obvious ways is when businesses try to persuade me to buy their products.Any time I watch TV, I am hit with ads for everything from candy to clothes to cars.And every ad is trying to persuade me that their product is better than any other!

Create ONE post that answers the following questions:

  • Give some examples of when individuals, companies, or government entities use persuasion.
  • Under what circumstances are you easily persuaded?
  • When is it not easy for someone to persuade you?

Create TWO replies to others’ posts that

  • Respond in detail discussing the similarities and differences in responses to persuasion.

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