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Help Me Need Help 10 Buck 1 Hour 5th Grade

Assignment:  Mahatma Gandhi and Thurgood Marshall

Part I.

Instructions: Respond to thequestions in complete sentences using details and examples from the texts toillustrate your points. Be sure to proofread for errors in grammar, usage, andmechanics. Remember that you must use three of the module vocabulary words.

  1. The author notes, “A fellowSupreme Court justice said of Marshall, ‘No American did more to lead ourcountry out of the wilderness of segregation.’” Look up the word wilderness in the dictionary. Whyis segregation described as a wilderness? Could you say that all injusticeis a wilderness?  Explain youranswer.

Part II.

Instructions: Review thequotation. Then respond by answering the questions that follow.

“You must be thechange you wish to see in this world.”



  1. What does this statement mean?
  2. How can this statement be appliedto the lives of both Gandhi and Marshall?
  3. Does it apply to any othercharacters from stories in the module? Explain.