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One thing to consider as you begin putting together a set of tools and utilities for computer forensics, is that you will need a control process for determining the quality of the tools.  Do they work as advertised?  Are they consistent in output?  Do they work in a manner acceptable to the community?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has posted a testing methodology document derived from ISO/TEC laboratory testing guidelines, but other guidelines may be available for commercial enterprises.  Conduct research, consider what you’ve learned in other courses for process development, and come up with your own control process for evaluating forensics tools. What questions do you ask and how do you validate and evaluate the answers?

There is no page or word limit, just make sure you are fully answering the questions using proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.. Remember that your written work must follow APA or MLA formatting for the paper, citations, and any references.

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