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Help With An Assignment 2

Regardless of our job titles, we all will be expected to act as leaders and/or instill leadership behaviors into those we work closely with.  For this week’s written assignment, consider 4 to 5 skills and/or qualities you demonstrate that make you a good leader.  In addition, all of us have room for improvement so also include at least one area you could improve on.  Lastly, it is important that we continue to establish new goals and plans for achieving those goals.  In the next two years, what will you be doing to keep yourself growing as a leader? 

Students will complete this written assignment with a well-written 2-page paper responding to the questions presented above.  Support your answers with references to the principles presented in the assigned reading as well as from sources used in your research.  Cite sources using APA formatting and proof and edit your paper carefully before submitting.



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