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Hhs201 Introduction To Human Services 2

Diversity, Inequality, and Immigration

Use the following outline to discuss diversity, inequality, and immigration inhuman services:  

  1. Overview of Inequality. Present the history of inequality and racialinjustice in our society. Discuss the current disparities in housing andhome ownership, health, health insurance, social mobility, employmentstatus, and political representation. Have such disparities improved overtime or have they become progressively worse? What is the current state ofprejudice, discrimination, and oppression?
  1. Understanding Ethnicity. Describe how our overall view of ethnicity has beenshaped by cultural definitions, media stereotypes, ethnic identity,institutional racism, and discrimination.
  1. Immigration.Examine the impact of immigration and immigration policy on culturaldiversity and social inequities. What are the current controversiessurrounding immigration, and what are your personal thoughts on them froma human services perspective?
  1. Working with Diverse Groups. As human services professionals, we work with adiverse group of audiences and clients. Discuss the considerations andguidelines for working with diverse groups, such as ethnic minorities,women, the gay and lesbian community, and people with disabilities.

Your assignment should be two- to three-pages in length (excluding title andreference pages), formatted according to the APA guidelines as outlined in theAshford Writing Center.  You must utilize at least three scholarly sourcesthat are cited according to APA style.  

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be usedto evaluate your assignment.

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