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Homework Assignment Help 29

Case Study 2: Gladys

Gladys isa 25-year-old Vietnamese stay-at-home mother who has been married for 7 yearsand has three children by her husband. They are all girls with the oldest being6 years old followed by a 4-year old and now a 3-month old. Gladys reports thather husband always wanted a son. She states that he has always been an angryman but after the birth of their third daughter, his violent behavior hasincreased. Gladys states that most of his violence and aggression has beendirected at her or the house all these years, but now she fears for herdaughters’ lives. “He’s out of control,” she says during the interview. “Idon’t know what to do.”

Gladys’family lives in Vietnam and her husband has no family connections. Gladysreports that her husband pays all the bills and the only money she receives isa small weekly allowance for food and supplies for her and the girls.

CaseAnalysis Questions:

What are the client’s strengths and how can youapply these strengths to appropriate interventions?

Usingthree different appropriate interview techniques, identify each technique asyou work towards appropriate interventions with the client. To do this you willneed to develop a brief dialogue. Remember to consider any ethical and culturalissues. Note these at the end of your dialogue.

What goalswould you want to work with the client on based on the information available?Explain why you chose those goals and how you think they will help meet theclient’s needs. Tip: remember that goals are different from case tasks andreferrals you might make to benefit the client and their situation.

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