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Ice Breaker Essay Childhood Dream

 Your post should be about 300 words and must use standard English grammar and mechanics.Grammar refers to sentence structure and parts of speech. Mechanics refer to capitalization, spelling, typographical correctness, and punctuation.

Here’s a draft that can be used to do work need only produces more until reach 300 or more words.

  When I was growing up always wanted tobe an elementary school teacher. Unfortunately for life circumstances I did notfollow my wishes for many years. The reason why I wanted to be a teacher is tohelp children learn new things and also teaches them “Education is the key tobetter quality of life”.

 What strike me about this work is that children are the future of this nation.We have to help the children to learn not only how to read and write but alsoshow them respect and how to be good citizens. Is for this reason that I see inthe near future in a classroom sowing seeds of education for each child.

 Finally twenty years after graduated from high school I have been able toreturn to school to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. That the reason Ichose DSC for different reason: Location is close to my house, Environment isprofessional and friendly it is easy to find academic support and last but notleast the advantage of eight weeks course are excellent to achieve my dream atthe best time.

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