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In This Week S Discussion We Will Focus On Developing An Interesting And Atte

In this week’s discussion, we will focus on developing aninteresting and attention-grabbing introduction paragraph. The conclusionparagraph is equally important, in making sure your paper ends well. In additionto the information in Chapter 4, there are several resources in the Webliographyarea that you may find useful as you work on your introduction and conclusionparagraphs for the process analysis essay.

A good introduction paragraph should:

  • Introduce the topic
  • Create interest
  • Provide necessary background information
  • Preview the rest of the paper
  • Include (or conclude with) a clear one-sentence thesisstatement (which you developed in week 2, presented now after any necessaryrevisions)

The introduction can use one of many techniques, includingposing a thought-provoking question, presenting a description or misconception,sharing a rousing quote or shocking statistic, providing a short summary of apersonal experience, or opening with a proverb. 

The conclusion paragraph is also important in finishing yourpaper in an engaging and satisfying way.

A good conclusion paragraph should:

  • Emphasize the main points made in the paperwithout repeating them
  • Rephrase and restate(but not repeat) your thesis statement 
  • Leave the readerin a memorable way


After reviewing the information above and in Chapter 4 of thetextbook, please answer all of the questions below in your main post.

1. You may have heard the saying, “you never get a second chance tomake a first impression.” This is also true for essay writing. Why areintroductions important?

2. Review the examples oflead-ins on pages 79-81. Choose one strategy and draft a lead-in that you willuse at the beginning of the introduction for your process analysis essay. Postthe entire introductory paragraph for your process analysis essay, including thelead-in you developed. Make sure your current thesis statement is the lastsentence of the introduction. Which lead-in strategy did you use, and why didyou choose it? Do you feel your introduction as a whole is effective? Why or whynot? 

3.Review the ideas for conclusion paragraphs on pages 84-85. Which strategy do youthink would be most effective for the conclusion paragraph in your processanalysis essay, and why? 

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