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Incorporating Technology 1


During the past few weeks, you have seen how technology can engage learners andenhance the learning experience. Now, you will apply what you have learnedtoward improving a sample assignment.

Review the sample assignment below and identify at least one technology toolthat could be used with it. Remember that the focus of this assignment islearning through technology, not the technology itself.

Sample Assignment:

PSYCH 100 – Introduction to Psychology

In groups of three to five students each, create a poster that demonstratesthe various learning theories we have discussed this week. Your group’s postershould include the cognitive learning theory, behavioral learning theory, andsocial learning theory. Then, present your poster to the class, and explainwhich of the theories best fits with your view of learning, and why.

Then,re-write the assignment so the selected technology tool is integrated into theprompt as a requirement. Write a paper that includes your version of theassignment prompt, explains why you selected the tool to promote learning, anddescribes what you hope to accomplish through using the tool.

Your paper should be three to five pages in length (not including titleand reference pages), formatted in APA style, and should incorporate at leastthree scholarly sources including the course text.

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