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International Business Unit 2 Question 1

Begin each writingassignment by identifying the question number you are answering followed by theactual question itself (in bold type).

Use a standard essay format for responses to all questions(i.e., an introduction, middle paragraphs and conclusion).

Responses must be submitted as a MS Word Document only,typed double-spaced, using a standard font (i.e. Times New Roman) and 12 pointtype size.

Undergraduate courses: 350 – 500 words or 1 – 2 pages.

 Plagiarism All workmust be free of any form of plagiarism. Put written answers into your ownwords. Do not simply cut and paste your answers from the Internet and do notcopy your answers from the textbook.

Question 1. In ashort essay, discuss the theory of absolute advantage and the reasons acountry’s efficiency improves based on this theory. Unit 2

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