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Intro To R S S Feeds 1

Last week, we discussed theimportance of maintaining a certain level of educational technology literacy.R.S.S. feeds, which you will learn more about in Week Four, can be a great toolfor staying up to date in this ever-changing field.

Subscribe to at least two R.S.S. feeds related to teaching and learning withtechnology. Some R.S.S. feed options are:

  • Dangerously Irrelevant
  • Inside Higher EdBlog: Technology and Learning
  • Lifehacker

Then,identify the R.S.S. feeds you have selected, evaluate the process ofsubscribing, and assess how useful you believe these feeds will be in helpingyou stay literate with educational technology. Please note: You will beasked to evaluate your experience with R.S.S. Feeds again in Week Four.

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