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Match The Vocabulary Term With Its Definition

1 : A relation in which each member of the domain is assigned to exactly one member in the range. 2 : A function that contains an absolute value expression. 3 : All input values. 4 : A test to determine if a graphed relation is a function.   5 : The act of sliding the parent function horizontally, vertically or both. 6 : In a function, this is the input value. 7 : Basic function in a family of functions.  This function has not been transformed in any way. 8 : A function defined using different rules for different intervals of the domain. 9 : The mapping from one set (the domain) to another set (the range).  This mapping can be demonstrated in a mapping diagram, table or graph. 10 : A one-to-one mapping between two sets of points.  Can be a translation, reflection or rotation of the parent function to a new graph. 11 : In a function, this is the output value. 12 : All output values.  Answer   : Piecewise Function   : Vertical Line Test   : Relation   : Independent Variable   : Parent Function   : Domain   : Absolute Value Function   : Range   : Transformation   : Function   : Dependent Variable   : Translation

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