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Mgt 448 Week 1 Discussion Question 1

For participation credit, you contribute messages for class participation in individual Learning Activity areas. The preference is to participate in Learning Activities for the respective current class week. You may choose to initiate discussion for a Learning Activity by sharing your thoughts about the activity (video, readings, etc.) or reply to messages posted by faculty and students. You are not required to answer DQs (Discussion Questions). DQs such as the following are not required. These are meant as starter DQs to help get discussions started. You have the option to answer the DQs or cover other topics, etc. pertinent to this Learning Activity.

Please remember that discussions messages need to be substantive (at least 100 words and pertinent to course topics and learning objectives) and posted in individual (not team) Learning Activities to earn participation credit.

What points and/or facts did you find fascinating about globalization as covered in Chapter 1?

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