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Mod 7 Dis Law Homework

Ayrault was driving her car to thefamily doctor for an appointment. When she stopped for a red light thecar behind her “rear-ended” her car. Upon impact, Ayrault’s car caughtfire and was totally destroyed. Ayrault was rushed to the hospital withseveral burns. She did survive but was permanently scarred. Aninvestigation by the insurance company revealed that the gasoline tankwas designed with weak walls such that any impact could rupture the tankand cause the car to catch fire, even when the tank was correctlyassembled and installed. Could Ayrault sue the car manufacturer?

One or two sentence original posts willnot receive full credit. You should be trying for 300-500 words. Pleaseremember that you are required to respond to at least two of your peerseach week to receive full credit. A response must be more than onesentence and more than an “I agree” statement.  Also, responding to yourinstructor does not count as a peer response. 

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