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Need Help Please 4 Db

I have about 4 db question I need taken care but I need to have them back with 10 hours see questions below.

Q5 Imagine you are leading a team of designersfor a new software product. During the kickoff meeting, the team startsto discuss design guidelines. About half of the team complains thatguidelines can be too specific, incomplete, hard to apply, and sometimeswrong. The other half feels that building on experience from designleaders contributes to steady improvements. Take a stance on this debateand support your position. Then discuss how you would solve thisconflict to get your meeting back on track.

Q6 Of the eight principles of design, called“Golden Rules” (strive for consistency, cater to universal usability,offer informative feedback, design dialogues to yield closure, preventerrors, permit easy reversal of actions, support internal locus ofcontrol, and reduce short-term memory load) choose the one that is mostimportant and create an argument supporting your choice. Use specificexamples to support your argument.

HCI Theories” Please respond to the following:

Q-7 Imagine you are the manager of amedium-sized IT department. While walking through the hall one day, youoverhear a senior-level software developer telling a newly hireddeveloper to focus on improving his coding skills rather than learningabout theories related to human-computer interaction. Take a position onwhether you agree or disagree with the senior software developer.Support your decision.

·  e-Activity” Watch the video titled “Webstock ’11: John Gruber – The Gap Theory of UI Design”, (46 min 47 s), located at http://vimeo.com/21742166?ab. Be prepared to discuss.

Q8 From the e-Activity, discuss the idea thatall applications have to be visually consistent. Argue whether you agreeor disagree with the idea and why. 

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