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More logarithms? everybody’s favorite! 
which one is the correct answer please
log (a/b) is equivalent to:

 (log a)/(log  (log a)/b 
 (log a) – (log b)  antilog (a/b)  antilog (a – b) 

Logarithms are, by and large, not the people’s choice. There are a couple of properties that come in handy when trying to simplify expressions containing logarithms: 
log(a/b) = log a – log b 
log(a x b) = log a + log b 
To convince yourself that these are true, consider a specific example. Let a = 105 and b = 103 . In this example, log a = 5 , log b = 3, a/b = 102, and log (a/b) = 5 – 3 = 2. 
By the way, in case you forgot, antilog x means “the number whose log is x”. E.g., antilog 4 = 104

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