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Need Help Quick In Humanities

Widely regarded as one the finest feminist writers in the short story segment, Kate Chopin manages to use symbolism to achieve in-depth understanding of human desire. Through her husband’s death, Mrs. Mallard(the main character) is not deeply depressed by the loss of her husband. However, a sense of freedom seems to beacon through the window, which is symbolic of the freedom she realizes awaits for her future. Chopin is showing a social situation where a woman is a prisoner to her husband. This can be supported by Chopin’s choice of using ‘monstrous joy’ when making an overview of Mrs. Mallard’s future. The story of an hour relates closely to Chopin’s  life. It was not until her husband died, did she open her mind to more opportunities and challenges.

Kate Chopin’s story gives a  clearer sense of slavery and women’s. During those periods, rights were realities that she incorporated in many of her stories and portraying women in a less than conventional manner, with individual needs and wants. Through clever artistic ways, Chopin links the fictional part of life with the actual reality. It’s safe to say that Kate Chopin shaped the manner regularly focused on the way that people shaped by their social environment. The story tends to show woman enslavement in the society whereby the woman has no right to undertake certain activities, this system is of late changing and we see almost both the man and the woman having certain capable rights on each other.


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  • “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner 
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