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Need Help Week 7 Business Assignment

View the “Remember the Titans” video clip.

Part 1: Each team member must choose one stage of Team Development:  Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing or Adjourning. As you view the video, identify the team dynamics during your specific stage.  

Part 2: In your group’s designated discussion forum, discuss the video as it relates to the stages of team development and discuss your specific stage as it relates to team development as a whole.

 Some questions to consider:

1.  What behaviors were demonstrated during my chosen stage?

2.  How did the behaviors influence the next stage in the development of the team?

3.  In the forming stage, how did the actions of the characters influence the development in the next stage?

3.  In the adjourning stage, how did the previous stages influence the outcome of the adjourning stage? 

Part 3: For the Team Project, compile and submit a summary of the responses of all team members.  Each team member must submit a separate Team Project for grading purposes. Your submission must be 100-150 words minimum. 

Part 4: Once the project is finished, please complete the anonymous peer-review sheet and submit it to the Dropbox. List at least one reference used to assist you in answering the question? Recognizing that a reference could be a personal discussion with an entrepreneur, magazine article, text book, etc., without APA formatting.

 Peer Review Scale/Evaluation Document. 

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