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Process Reading Amp Essay 2 April 20

Process (Reading & Essay #2) April 20

Your Task: Read They Say “The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream” pp. 260-271.
Ehrenreich recounts her process of learning about and writing a resume for white collar
jobs in corporate America. Write an essay recounting your own process of learning
about and entering a new field. For example, I might write about entering the world of
amateur competitive long distance running or my first semester in graduate school.

Remember Chapter 7: just because something happened to you, doesn’t mean your
readers will care. You have to make us care. Your audience is your classmates and me.
We have read Ehrenreich’s essay. Refer the author by her last name only.
See the Essay Rubric under Content before you submit your essay to the Essay #2
Dropbox. Your essay should be 750 to 900 words long and must use standard English
grammar and mechanics. Be sure to use MLA style citations and a works cited entry if
you summarize, quote, or paraphrase from Ehrenreich’s essay.
Grammar refers to sentence structure and parts of speech. Mechanics refer to
capitalization, spelling, typographical correctness, and punctuation. See yellow
bordered pages and the Checklist for Revising and Editing on the inside flap of LSH.

I’ll send you a PDF with the story of “The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream” pp. 260-271.

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