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Project Continues Lp 5 For The New Week Discussion

: Site Analysis


Analyze your on-site experience to date. What obstacles have your been faced with and overcome? Have you experienced any surprises to date? How did you handle them? What advice would you offer another student who chose your organization to complete their on-site experience?

Do not be dismayed if you are experiencing some surprises at this point in your project. This is actually quite normal. Sometimes assumptions or impressions regarding a particular project or assignment may not turn out to be accurate or realistic. If you are feeling overwhelmed or disappointed, do your best to be patient with yourself, your site contact person and any co-workers that are involved. Keep a positive attitude and ask questions. Stay within your own professional abilities, but take advantage of people at the site who have good knowledge and skills by asking questions to find out the correct answers. If you encounter a problem that is serious in nature to you, please don’t hesitate to contact the instructor.

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