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Project Selection Risk Write A 1000 Word Apa Style Paper Where You Choose One O

ProjectSelection Risk

Write a 1000 word, APAstyle paper where you choose one of the Mini-Cases below (either Mini-Case A orMini-Case B) and answer the elements detailed (or requirements) in the casestudy.

Mini-Case A

Briargrove has agreedto your plan. The CLN Team is asking for a refined version of the plan makingthe corrections based on their recommendations. They are requesting acomprehensive schedule of this project and a clean proposal to be presented toBriargrove Executive Leadership to get sign off. Indicate the potential risksand bottlenecks that may occur during the project (which are foreseeable).Address how your organization and Briargrove will handle these issues.

Include a title pageand 3 – 5 references. Only one of the references may be from the internet (notWikipedia). The other references must be located in the Grantham UniversityOnline Library. Only the body of the paper will count towards your wordrequirement. Please follow the rubric below.

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