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Psy302 Paper On Job Analysis

Job Analysis

For this assignment, view the Eight Ingredients of an Effective Job Description with Rhonda Abrams videoand then construct a two- to- three page paper that provides a formaljob description of a current job as well as analysis of how the jobdescription was created.
For your assignment you must:

  • Find a friend or relative who you can interview and/ or observethem on the job for a brief period of time (an hour or so should besufficient).  List as many responsibilities that the job entails aspossible.  You may also visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics or O*Net Online websites for additional information on the individual’s position. 
  • Create a formal job description based upon your research. Theformal job description must include a section on job tasks, workerrequirements and contextual factors (as listed in Chapter 2 of yourcourse text).  Microsoft provides this example of a job description template, which you may use or follow to create your job description.
  • Explain the process of constructing the job description.
  • Include an introduction, job description, an explanation of the process of constructing the job description, and a conclusion.

Your assignment must be two to three double-spaced pages in length(excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to APAguidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.  Include a coverpage and reference page in APA format.  In addition to your textbook,you must utilize at least one scholarly peer-reviewed sources that hasbeen published within the past five years.  Your sources must be citedaccording to APA format as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.  Yourassignment must include an introduction, the job description, anexplanation of the process of constructing the job description, and aconclusion.

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