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Psychology Help Please 11

After reading each senario select which Defense Mechanism best fits the each of them! (Mr. T, Ms. C,….)

 “Name thatDefense Mechanism”

T is a 40-year-old businessperson who recentlycompleted a round of court-ordered psychotherapy and AA meetings that resultedfrom two arrests in the space of two years for DUI (driving under the influence).With his driver’s license reinstated and no longer being compelled to attendtherapy or groups, it’s back to the usual routine—90-minute business luncheswith important clients that usually include anywhere from one to threealcoholic beverages.

Try to find out what’s going on in the mind of T.

H has just broken up with her fiancé after aneight-year-long relationship. She and her significant other had been dating allthroughout college, and all their mutual friends had been assuming that theywould be getting married. Interestingly, now that the relationship is over, Ms.H’s friends have been commenting to each other that they see less of her thanthey did while she was attached. She’s never available for clubbing and othersocial activities that are typical of the newly unattached.

SO – what’s the deal with Ms. H, anyway?

P recently finished an MBA program and was faced withthe happy dilemma of choosing between three different high-powered, well-payingcorporate positions. After much deliberation, he/she chose the highest payingjob of the three. Unfortunately, this job has turned out to be much moreroutine than expected, with little client contact or creative opportunities insales and marketing. It does have an excellent vacation plan, benefits, andretirement options along with the lavish salary.

Ask P how he/she is feeling about this job and itsplace in his/her career goals.

Ms. R is in her spring semester of her second year atcommunity college, waiting to transfer into UCLA.  She and her best friend were both eligibleand competing for the same academic scholarship for aspiring chemistry majors.Her best friend won the scholarship. Now, Ms. R’s roommates have noticed quitea change in her. They all used to get along so well. 

 Find out what’s going on with Ms. R.

C is a senior in high school. Two months prior tograduation, C’s parents have announced that they are getting divorced afterbeing married for over 27 years. C’s friends all comment that C seems to behandling this crisis so well.

What is the secret of C’s calm and collected demeanor?

Ms. L has been up to now a straight-A student atcommunity college. This semester, she is taking a history class in which she ishaving an unusually hard time maintaining her typical level of performance. Infact, she is barely pulling a “C”.

Find out what she thinks the source of the trouble isand what she believes she needs to do to fix it.

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