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Python 3 Questiones Write The Program 2


1. You cannot import any module

2. The programs must be solved by Recursion 

3. Please use Python 3

4. Your answer must passed the tester.py before submit


Question1:Write a program that displays all the possible words that can be created fromthe given letters.

1.Your program should first ask the userfor the name of the file that contains all the possible 

a. There will be one word on each line ofthe file 

b. All of the words in the file are lowercase 

2.Next your program should ask the user forthe letters. The letters will be given on 1 line with a space between eachcharacter. 

3.Your program should then display all ofthe possible words that can be created using those letters. 

a. Each letter can only be used one time

  1.For example if the letters input were: a p, then app would not be a valid wordbecause it used p twice even though there was only 1 p entered. In order forapp to be a valid word the user would have to at least enter ‘a p p’ as input.

b. The results should be displayed inalphabetical order

c. Each word should only be displayed onetime.


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