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Quality Of A Study S Quantitative Data Analysis

Using this research article that starts on page 3 of the pdf complete the following in 2-3 pages, APA graduate level, original work as I will check it, 3-4 references to support any opinions you have in your writing. Here is the article you are reviewing ProQuestDocuments-2015-02-19.pdf

Read the article above and evaluating the quality of the research effort following the Criteria for Evaluating the Quality of a Study’s Quantitative Data Analysis and Report of Results which are:

1.  States the statistical analyses used to answer the research questions.

2.  Indicates how the data collected from the instruments were scored.

3.  Indicates the computer program used so you know how the statistics were calculated.

4.  Reports descriptive analyses so you know a summary of the sample’s responses to each major variable.

5.  Reports inferential statistics to address the comparison and relationship hypotheses.

6.  Uses an alpha level of .05 or less. If not, the author explains why not so you understand why he or she is taking a greater risk of incorrectly finding a significant result.

7.  Reports the value of the statistic, the associated p value, and the effect size so you can make your own conclusions about a research question.

8.  Provides clearly formed tables and figures so you can interpret the information provided.

9.  Provides results that answer the research questions and address the hypotheses.

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