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Quantitive Qualitive Research 1

Quantitive/Qualitive Research

  • Throughoutthe class you have discussed a variety of research methods, bothquantitative and qualitative now it’s time to apply that information to atopic and design a research study. You do not have to complete the study; you are just creating a plan for a study by answering the questions below.

    For the Assignment this week you will use the topic:  How many students out of high school are ready for college classes.Design a research study using one (or more) of the research methodsdiscussed in the text. You can use one method or combine methods.

    Inorder to complete the Assignment on your research plan, provide answersto the questions below. For more information on what to include foreach question, the elements of a research design are discussed in detailin Chapter 2 of the text. Be sure to answer each question with detailand explanations:

    1.  an introduction to your topic

    2.  how you would conduct a literature review (the process you would use and generally where you would go for information)

    3.  your research purpose

    4.  the unit of analysis

    5.  your research question or hypothesis

    6.  the research design

    a.  the specific research method (or methods) you will use

    b.  the variables

    c.  how you will conduct the research/ collect the data

    7.  the important elements to be included in the research proposal

    8.  a wrap up of research design

    a.  Is it feasible?

    b.  What are the challenges to this study?

    c.  How well would it work to gather the data needed for the purpose and topic?

    d.  Provide any last thoughts on your research design.

    The body of your paper should be between 500 and 600 words, or about two pages.

    ·  Use one-inch margins on all sides of the paper.

    ·  Use a 12-point font such as Times New Roman or Arial.

    ·  Thepaper will be based on your thoughts and, therefore, will not requireoutside citations. However, if you do cite outside references (includingthe text), you will have to provide the source information. Inaddition, Assignments should demonstrate careful proofreading.


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