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Question In Project Microsoft

In assignment 4 you created a WBS diagram, Gantt task list and Responsibility Matrix for a new SelfcheckoutPoint of Sale (cash register) system in TU’s University Store. That project required at least 4summary tasks and 12 primary tasks. Using the MS Project file you created in assignment 4, puttogether the schedule for the Self -checkout project by adding the duration and sequencing for all tasks– use the Gantt Chart view. Generate a .pdf for the Gantt Chart view of your Self-checkout project.Generate a .pdf for the Network diagram view for Self-checkout project as well.Answer the following questions about your Self-checkout project: 

a. If you start the project on 4/1/2015, how many work days will the project take to complete?

 When will the project be complete?

 b. Identify each of the summary tasks (level 1 of your WBS – 1., 2., 3., etc. ) and the totalduration of each summary task?

 c. What primary tasks are on the critical path (hint: critical task list report)?

use project Microsoft 2013 in order to do this  

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