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Question On Gender Issues Pay Gap And Gaining Negotiation

Learning Activity and Discussion 1: Gender Pay Gap Concept

What did you learn about the gender pay gap that you may not have known before?  Are women less career or finance oriented then men?  This week’s reading contained several concepts about women and income.  Pick a concept from the list below or another one you would like to discuss.  Describe the concept.  How does the concept effect income earning potential?  In regard to your concept, what can an employer or you, as an employee, do to create more income equality.

Concepts (Below are some concepts.  If you have other concepts you like to discuss, please do so):

  • Backlash effect
  • Glass ceiling
  • Full-time vs part-time work
  • Child care responsibilities
  • Mommy track
  • Leaving the workforce to have or raise children
  • Education attainment and career choice

Learning Activity and Discussion 2:  Gaining Negotiation Skills

What did you learn about negotiating skills that you may not have known before particularly with regard to gender?  Are women less confrontational, less competitive, and therefore less able to negotiate successfully?  Are men better negotiators?  Support your responses.

Think of an example of when you have observed or experienced negotiations.  What was the gender of each participant in the negotiations?  What did you observe in the behaviors that would either be consistent or inconsistent with our course materials this week?    

Lastly, think about your own negotiating skills.  What did you learn that may make you a better negotiator?  

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