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Questions On Organizational Development 3

Activity #1

Select three articles or sections in the chapters from the readings this week which focuses on the theme for this week. 

Provide a brief summary highlighting the key points which you found useful concerning organizational development. 

Activity #2

Answer the following questions:

1. Organizations invest a considerable amount of time and money into long-term planned change. Identify OD evaluation methods, tools, and interventions utilized for organizational development and transformation. 

2. Describe some of the rigorous, (sometimes) multi-level, evaluations of interventions used to identify where and how the change process should be altered to gain desired outcomes and improvements in the organization’s best interest?

Activity #3

Answer the following questions:

1. Discuss some of the practical guidelines used by OD practitioners in the evaluation process. 

2. Search the online library and world wide web in order to investigate how to jumpstart organization improvement through change. Identify some of the variety of change management tools, survey instruments, and important considerations related to crisis-inducing change.





  •  Chapter 12:  Appendix A:  OCC Survey Instrument



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