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Quot Self Replication And Cells Quot

“Self-Replication and Cells”

 For your primary post, please respond to one (1) of the following two (2) bulleted options. Then, reply to any fellow student with a substantive reply.

  • (1) Review the instructor’s video in the “Instructor Insights” folder under Week 1. Design an experiment to test the relationship between “morning light” and BMI (body mass index). Explain what you will manipulate and what you will measure. Be sure to explain the role of random assignment to treatment conditions. Explain the advantages that you experiment has over the correlational study described in the article from National Public Radio.
  • (2) A person is declared to be dead upon the irreversible cessation of spontaneous body functions: brain activity, or blood circulation and respiration. However, only about 1% of a person’s cells have to die in order for all of these things to happen. Explain how a person can be dead when 99% of his or her cells are still alive, and provide examples with your explanation. 
  • (3) Read the article by Noe (2014) “When science becomes news, the facts can go up in smoke”.  What is the main point of Noe’s article?  Discuss whether you agree with it or not, and why.  

Noe, A. (2014, May 04).  When science becomes news, the facts can go up in smoke.  13.7 Cosmos & Culture [blog].  Retrieved from http://www.npr.org/blogs/13.7/2014/05/02/308926616/when-science-becomes-news-the-facts-can-go-up-in-smoke 

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