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Recap Journal Week Question


Now that you’ve reached the final week of this course, evaluate your own learning by answering the following questions. Your journal entry should be between 300-350 words.

  1. From learning theories to technology tools, what do you find to be the most challenging aspect of teaching and learning with technology? What do you find to be the most beneficial?
  2. You have read about and discussed various technologies throughout this course. What technology tool intrigues you the most, when it comes to teaching and learning? Why?
  3. In Week Two, you discussed principles of instructional design. Summarize briefly how these principles can support you in assessing the effectiveness of learning technologies.
  4. You read about various learning theories in Week One. Describe how these theories influence teaching and learning with technology.
  5. In Week One, you reviewed the outcomes of your degree program, identified which one(s) intrigued you the most, and explained how the outcome(s) you selected would contribute to your career.
  6. Which of these your Program Learning Outcomes do you feel you’ve grown closer to achieving? Which ones do you still find unfamiliar?

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