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Reply To Computer Ethical Questions

Please help me with the below assignment:

Reply to these questions with your own personal thoughts, should be at least 3 full sentences each question.


I think the collection of information  without the individual knowing it is an ethical problem. I say this because as a consumer we already have to be on pins and needles everytime that we hear about some department store or health agencysdata base  has been hacked  by someone. 

If we dont know who is collecting our information  over the internet then it henders our chance of trying to protect our selves because we dont know what personal  information  is being shared and who is storing it.

I really don’t think that  one of those companies  that have been storing information  will even notify the victims for fear of a law suit. The question that would ask is how did you get my information? and what gives you the right to retain that information?.  


If we are to say it is an unethical practice for a company to use social media to advertise, collect information, or gather background information than everything from a business standpoint in America is unethical. It’s not only ethical but a win-win situation for the company doing the advertising and the social media site.

Many social media sites offer free membership and need ways to generate revenue to support the cost of running a business. During fourth quarter of 2014 Facebook reported earning $3.59 billion in advertising revenue alone. The amount of money spent on advertising is a good investment as Facebook also reported an estimated 1.39 billion active users with another 1.12 billion active mobile users all during that same period.

It’s smart to target your product to the intended demographic group. How do you do that? By collecting some general information a company can get to know the market. Users also have a responsibility to thoroughly reading through the service/privacy agreements before simply checking a box. Now if a company tries to gather information outside of what is stated in the agreement or continues to collect information after the user has terminated the subscribed service then that is most certainly unethical.

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