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Research Article Summary 1

ResearchArticle Summary 1

DUE: May 16, 2015 6:55 PM





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Research Article Summary 1

Finda scholarly article (No blogs, commercial websites, online non-academicorganizational materials, news articles, or popular magazines, allowed — theAPUS online library is a good place to look!) on the topic ofchildren/adolescent violence and the media. Does playing violent video gamesand watching violent TV/movies cause an increase in violence with thispopulation? Summarize the article in 2 pages of your own words, citing, in APAstyle, both internally and at the end of your paper, any paraphrasing or quotes(use very few of these). In your concluding paragraph describe what you learnedfrom the article (this is the only part of the paper in which you should offera personal perspective and are permitted to use first person “I”language).

Pleasesee the attached guidelines for further guidance.


Scholarly Article Review Guidelines.doc

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