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Review The Leadership Model Adapted From Montgomery Copley And Associates1996

Reviewthe Leadership Model adapted from Montgomery, Copley, and Associates (1996).Using this model as a framework, select any Northouse (2010) case study thathas not been assigned as a Critical Thinking Activity and offer the model as apotential solution for the issue(s) outlined in the case (Northouse has casestudies at the end of every chapter – choose one that interests you and analyze).

Thenselect a thematically similar personal or professional situation that you haveexperienced and, again, use the model to provide perspective on how you did orcould have applied the bull’s-eye rings to assist in navigating through theissue (Choose a personal experience that you can relate to the case study andto the Leadership Model).

Be sureto pull in a culmination of applicable theory discussed this semester as youwork through the leadership model (We have discussed leadership theoriesthroughout our course (autocratic, bureaucratic, contingency, situational,transformational, transactional, etc.). Choose appropriate leadership theoriesto discuss with your analysis).

APAdocumentation is required in this 4 – 5 page paper.

TextBook used (Northhouse, P. (2013).Leadership Theory and Practice(6th ed.). SAGE Publications,Inc.).

Leadership Model-1.pdf 

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