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Revisions Additions To Already Completed Work

Assignment (2 pages already done)revision.doc

You will receive feedback on the previous week’s assignment by Sunday11:59pm. Before you complete your Week Three assignment, please readyour instructor’s comments about your Week Two assignment, as well asthis week’s lecture. Be sure to include any suggested changes in yourproject going forward. 

In a three- to four-page paper (not including the title and references pages),

  1. Include a revised version of your introduction, researchquestion, background research, hypothesis, research design, and samplingplan. These revisions must be based on your instructor’s feedback ifyour instructor provided additional comments about these sections inWeek Two.
  2. Describe the possible types of secondary data used forhypothesis testing, including a discussion of whether or not one or moretypes of secondary data could be used to test your hypothesis and whythis secondary data would or would not be useful. 
  3. Describe the possible measurement benchmarks and scales used forhypothesis testing, including a discussion of whether or not yoursurvey should include measurement benchmarks and scales to test yourhypothesis and why these measurement benchmarks and scales would orwould not be useful. 
  4. Include an APA-formatted references list (on a separate references page).

Your paper must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

Instructor Feedback Given


Be sure to use the instructors name on the Cover Page.

Avoid using the same source multiple times in a row, just mix it up a bit.

Avoid using 1st person, use 3rd person instead. So instead ofstating, “I want to be the first Latino President of the United States”,you would state, “This student’s ultimate goal is to be the firstLatino President of the United States.” Its feels a bitweird at the start but becomes easier after a while.

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