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Confrontationalvs. Cooperative Models

Compare the confrontational andcooperative police labor-management models. What organizational circumstancesare necessary for each model to be successful? What organizational or communitysituations make one model more appropriate than the other? Which model do youprefer?

Orison week 2 discussion 2

As a general rule I feel that cooperative is almost always better thanconfrontational when it comes to everything in life. As a police officer Ifully realize that there are times and people who you cannot be cooperativewith and a confrontation is the only resort. For example the overhaul of theDetroit Police Department Chief Oliver had to take a stand and thing were farfrom cooperative.  There are times when the police chief needs to beconfrontational with officers and city administrators in order to make sure thebest for the department and community is served. There are many times when acomplete overhaul is needed for whatever reason or area and that can be veryconfrontational.

Cooperation such as in the case of San Diego PD and the Union show howworking together can benefit the city as a whole. By working together there isless confusion and frustration on both sides.  If both sides are willingto make sacrifices in order to serve the greater good the department as a wholelooks better to the community. It is not only unions and departments thatshould work together but also different departments. When Police Departmentsand Sheriff Offices work together it benefits the community on a huge scale.

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