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Scarce Resource And Trade 40 Word Reply To Each Response


Do some research on the country of Ethiopia anddiscuss:

  1. Whoin the Ethiopian society has the most difficult time dealing withscarcity?
  2. Whatdo they need most?
  3. Howcan their society provide for their wants and needs?
  4. Whyare they so impoverished?
  5. Whatcan their governments do to help, or hinder their country’s development?
  6. Couldnot Ethiopia become a world class producer and exporter of goods? Howwould Ethiopia compare with Japan? Japan is a country relatively POOR innatural resources, yet it is an economic world powerhouse. What are thedifferences between the two countries?


Professor and classmates,

 In my research I found thatthe agriculture and food security in Ethiopia is low.  “Meanwhile,population growth to date has led to notably small farm sizes, with Ethiopia’sland tenure rules compounding the challenge. Land degradation and deforestationare major problems.”  (cic.nyu.edu/…/evans_security_ethiop…). The would affect the farmers and people in that nation.  What the need isa way to get water to their crops.  The fields are rain feed andnot irrigated.  Plus, they need to have access to electricity whichthey have trouble getting.  This reduces the productivity for farmer’s tomove forward.  The government is helping the farmer’s with “access tocredit, farmers’ cooperatives, and the need to make the agriculture system moredemand-driven.”  (cic.nyu.edu/…/evans_security_ethiop…). The government does not recognize that water and energy growth isnot sustainable.  The government can help the farmer’ by puttingirrigation systems in and providing electricity.  If the government doesnot help the farmer’s out then Ethiopia will stay in the same situation. Ethiopia could become a world class producer is given the chance.  Withthe help of the government the nation could export their greatest food source,banana’s.  Like Japan does with it rice.  Japan specializes in toys,mechanics, electronic product and their earnings in the exportations ofminerals in turn helps the economy.  Ethiopia does not have the resourcesto produce toys, mechanics, electronics to other countries.


HelloClass and Prof,

Ibelieve the children of Ethiopia have the most difficult time dealing withscarcity.  Children are spending their time in the field instead ofschools.  Which is causing a lack of education in Ethiopia.  With theshortage of water to bathe many children have died because of sickness andinfections.

Ibelieve Ethiopians need water the most because it entails their dailylives.  Ethiopians face water shortages, poor sanitation, and lack ofclean water.  Drought and politics are the two leading causes of watershortage.  Droughts have affected several areas of the country includingponds, wells, streams, and lakes drying up or becoming extremely shallow. These water sources are often contaminated with human and animal waste, worms,or diseases.  There is not enough water for people to bathe leading tosickness and infection. 

Ethiopianfarmers don’t have access to water for irrigation because of the way the riverwas divided up hundreds of years ago.  The global warming has caused therainy season in Ethiopia to become shorter.  Fields are drying up andfarmers are fighting over irrigation resources.

Better fed people can contributelonger to economic growth and raise the country’s GDP.  They will havehealthier children who are educated raising the human capital of thecountry. 

Ethiopians are so impoverishedbecause they don’t have any institutions that support prosperity.  Doingbusiness in their country is extremely difficult.  If an Ethiopianhas a great idea then they stay poor because no one will finance it. 

Ethiopian needs institutions thatencourage smart ideas and finance it.  The government needs to limitbureaucratic procedures that Ethiopians have to go through.  Also thegovernment can help to irrigate their field for the crops, especially in thedrought season.

Ethiopiacould become a world class producer if given the chance.  With the help ofthe government they could export the majority of food.  Japan is a majorexport of rice.  They also specialize in toys, electronics, and etc. Their earnings in the exportations of minerals helps the economy.  Bothcountries could be world class with their natural resources, but Japan isdifferent when it comes to electronics.  Japan is also world classproducer when it comes to electronics.

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