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Second Set Of Healthcare Questions

1.Create at least three actual strategic goals for your own health care organization or department or one which you someday hope to lead. Explain your thought process in creating these strategic goals.

2.Explain the role and relationships among health care mission, vision, values, and strategic goals. Provide specific examples of these relationships for medical organizations.

3.What is meant by a “directional strategy” for a health care organization? Provide some specific examples of directional strategies for your own health care organization or one which you hope to lead.

4.Consider your own health care organization or one which you would someday hope to lead. Based upon your learning in this course, as CEO of the organization how would you set about determining the “critical success factors” for your facility or program? What will be your process to determine these critical success factors?

Your response should be at least 500 words in length.

5. Compare the difference between an operating budget, a capital budget, and a cash budget. What are the primary elements in each budget

6. Compare bottom-line financial results of using a fixed budget and a flexible budget if volumes (a) increase by 10% or (b) decrease by 10%

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