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Stakeholder Engagement Tools Used By Project Managers

For this MGMT 391 course you are required to prepare a 5- to 6-pageresearch paper (including title and reference pages), which is due atthe end of Module 8. This assignment is worth 15% of your overall grade.
The topic chosen must relate to a topic discussed in the assignedreading material, but also take a holistic view of the advanced conceptslearned throughout the course. The instructor must approve your topicsprior to Module 5; therefore you have until the end of Module 4 tosubmit the topic of your choice to your instructor via email forapproval.
Review the table of contents in your textbook for topics that interest you. Additional suggested topics:
Topics related to the understanding advancement or application of project management includes:
• Certification; Its Importance To Business
• Future of Project Management
• Tools Used by Project Managers
• The Role of Project Management in Government
• Comparison of Methodology’s used around the globe

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