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Strategic Management In Dynamic Environments

600–800 words

Deborah, the CEO of your company, wants to determine if a globalstrategy is a good fit for the organization. In addition, Deborah hasheard of project management in other organizations. She would likeproject management to be integrated into your organization, beginningwith a project to develop a marketing plan.

Deborah has designated you as the project manager for this project. Aproject charter has been created and signed by Deborah, who willfunction as the project sponsor.

As the project manager, you will work with your team to develop amarketing plan for your organization. Although you do not haveexperience in managing projects, Deborah has sent you to a 1-day projectmanagement overview course through the local Project ManagementInstitute chapter. You will attend other courses over the duration ofthis project and integrate project management concepts as you learnthem.

You begin your research in deciding if and what the global strategyshould be. You get your team together and begin to discuss a plan on howyou will research this possibility.

You start the meeting by saying “Let’s brainstorm and start to get aplan together for a possible globalization strategy. Tiffany, I’d likeyou work with me to begin researching possible locations.”

Tiffany says, “I think we need to research some locations, but Ithink there is more to it than that. There still needs to be a decisionon the type of strategy or approach we are taking. Would we use amultidomestic approach, a global approach, or a transnational approach?I’m still not entirely convinced a global strategy is the answer.”

“Great point, Tiffany. It is obvious to me as well that we need toexplore a strategy that will put us in a better position to handle theeconomic downturn. We have to provide the board with the facts. Theyseem to be leaning in the direction of a global strategy, but I’m notsure it’s the right move either. That’s why we need to do research.”

Discuss the following:

  • How do you define a global strategy?
  • Are there other international strategies, and how do they differ?
  • Identify a minimum of 3 possible countries and location optionsfor globalization. Research each of these locations in the furnitureindustry, and document both the pros and cons of using these in globalstrategy.
  • What country would you choose? What evidence can you provide in support of your choice?
  • What evidence might somebody else, who does not agree with you, provide to support his or her choice?
  • What could you tell somebody else to show he or she is wrong?

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