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Theorists And Theories Assignment

This first paper is designed to introduce you to the dominant sociological theories and theorists.Begin by evaluating the sociological theories: functionalist, conflict, symbolic interactionist, and postmodernist.Present the basic assumptions, ideas, and the approach the theory takes for the study of sociology.Next, evaluate the following seven theorists: Durkheim, Marx, Weber, Simmel, Mills, Mead and Parsons.Drawing from your readings, state and discuss the major ideas, concepts, theoretical orientations and each theorist’s contributions to the field of sociology.       

Make your answers concise, clear and inclusive of the key information youobtained from your readings. Both sections should be in your own words, or paraphrased, and not directly copied from segments of the readings. Points will be deducted for simply copying and pasting from the text or other internet sources. If I deem any of these papers suspicious, I will submit them to Turnitin.com. Documentable plagiarism will result in failing the paper assignment and receiving zero points. The paper, worth 25 points, should be approximately three pages long, double-spaced, with 1″ margins all around.This should be essay-styled and not in bullet-point format.Deposit your paper, as a Microsoft Word attachment in the Dropboxin class by Saturday

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