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Week 8 Assignment Classroom Assessment

In at least 1000 words typed in proper APA format (including a 12-point font, double spacing, a title page, a reference page, in-text citations, a running head, and page numbers), you will write a paper on what you found to be the most important topics about assessment that you think all teachers should know as well as why you think each piece of information is necessary for teachers to learn.

You should describe at least six general topics related to assessment and then feel free to break those areas down into specifics as warranted for depth and clarity. For example, one of your six general topics might be validity in assessment, and within this general category, you could discuss the different types of validity.

At the end of each discussion of a general topic related to assessment should be an explanation as to why you feel that teachers need to know this information (there should be one explanation for each topic-at least six total).

Regarding sources, you are required to use at least two sources outside of our textbook within the paper (credible sources only-no Wikipedia, for example).

Please be sure to paraphrase (put into your own words) the information that you use from our textbook and/or other outside sources unless directly quoting with quotation marks. Direct quotations (word-for-word excerpts with quotation marks) should only comprise at most 10 – 15% of your writing. If the information is not put into your own words or quotation marks are not used, then the writing is considered plagiarized, which is a serious infraction with any university. I will not accept assignments that have not followed the directions listed in this paragraph!!!

Please Note: Your sources must be cited within the paper (a reference list as well as in-text citations), and you must actually use information from these sources within the essay. I must know where your information originated. Also, I will deduct ten points for every 100 words missing from the final essay (remember, it needs to be 1,000 words total, including title page and reference list).   

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