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What Is Cartesian Aesthetics Not Cartesian Rationalism And How Did Does It Aff

What is Cartesian Aesthetics (not Cartesian Rationalism) and how did/does it affect design? Use specific examples and explore how the concept of aesthetics is linked to that of truth.

Answer the above question in a short essay (introduction, body, conclusion). Your answer should be succinct and relevant to the question, being approximately 500 words in length. Reference notation will not count towards the total word count (bibliography/footnotes).

Journal Entry (25 points)

  • Timely Submission (1 point)
  • Strong and well organized thesis statement (2 points)
  • Presence of critical thinking and analysis – Correctly interpreting lecture material and integrating it into essay (10 points)
  • Use of at least two external citations from books, book chapters, or academic journals (5 points)
  • Use of first source material – original writing of the theorist/philosopher (2 points)
  • Quality of writing and organizational structure, grammar and spelling (5 points)

References will be in either MLA or Chicago style. The journal entry should build from the course material and is the major mechanism for determining the student’s retention and comprehension of the material.  References to the lecture material and a return to first source writings is necessary.  Relating the theme’s content to contemporary concerns is also required.

Truth: Plato’s Dualistic Metaphysics,representation, imitation and knowledge ofForms; Aristotle’s imitation and Causes;Cartesian introduction of doubt as a toolto determine absolute truth; the effect oftruth in terms of history, materiality,representation and cultural expression inthe 19th and 20th centuries; communicationas current technological level andexpression of truth; image and thealienation of human from context. 


Mitrović, Philosophy for Architects, 30-35, 43-48, 72-75

Stamp, “How is it that there is no modernstyle of architecture?” in Tracing Modernity,103-123

Apollinaire, “from The Cubist Painters” inModernism, An Anthology of Sources andDocuments, 262-268

Venturi & Scott Brown, “Theory of Uglyand Ordinary and Related and ContraryTheories” from Learning from Las Vegas(PDF) 

Leach, “Saturation of the Image” in TheAnaesthetics of Architecture, 1-15 

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