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Workplace Workplace Workplace Shifts

Workplace Shifts

Society has evolved over the last century causingorganizations to change with the times.  

This evolution has, in turn, required workers to”re-tool” to be a productive and indispensable member of theworkforce.  

Using this lead-in as the context, write a 1000 word(minimum) APA formatted paper in which you describe the workforce shiftsin types of jobs during the past hundred years. Also, answer theover-arching question, “What implications have th

– 2-3 references (not Wikipedia ese workforce shiftscreated for today’s HR manager?”

– APA formatted

– Title sheet

– References page). You may use the textbook for areference, but will not count towards the 2-3 minimum.

– Only the body of the paper will count toward the 1000word requirement.  Please write in 3rd person. 

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